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Co-Sleeping, is it worth it?

There are many challenges when you talk about babies and sleeping.

With us, we co-sleep, and our challenges are clear, and I like to think very commonly amongst co-sleeping parents.

First off, yes our son sleeps in our bed. I know there are many risks to having a child in your bed, but I do try to minimize the ‘standard’ risks as much as possible. One he doesn’t use a pillow. Secondly, he sleeps on my side, not in between my husband and me. I have a barrier making sure he cannot roll off the bed.

One thing that sucks is when he goes to sleep I have to go to bed as well. If he stirs and I am not beside him, he will instantly wake up, and bedtime will be prolonged for another two or three hours. Sure maybe that is because he also breastfeeds, but I do believe this is due to the co-sleeping. The lack of body warmth beside him wakes him quickly.

Another challenge is the lack of sleep. You may have heard that you get more sleep with co-sleeping, but that is just not true. While my son sleeps the whole night through, every time he moves or stirs I wake up. Call it mommy instincts or what have you, but the number of times I wake up outweigh the ‘extra’ sleep I get by already being in bed after breastfeeding.

Now it’s not all horrible. One thing that co-sleeping was wonderful for was breastfeeding. We are now going on 17 months of breastfeeding.

It also helped put the baby back to sleep quicker during those midnight feedings when he was younger. For one they are already in bed, and your body warmth will quickly lul them back to sleep. Which will help overall the amount that your baby sleeps.

My son is currently 17 months old. We still co-sleep, but lately the minimal amount of sleep has had me thinking it is time to get him to his bed. There is only so many cups of coffee this mama can consume in a day!

So overall for us co-sleeping was the way to go, I will let you know later on how that goes,


15 Dairy-Free Snacks for Toddlers

While there are many options out there, here are some of my overall favorites, not to mention one’s toddlers will love.

1. Fresh cut veggies with dip – This one is pretty easy. Bring out the carrots and hummus, or mashed avocado. Quick easy and not to mention healthy.

2. Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins – You know what I’m talking about. Good ole fashioned ants on a log. You cut the celery in half long way, fill with peanut butter and drop a couple of raisins on top. Tada, a fun, healthy dairy free snack for your little one.

3. Sweet potato fries – Forget snack for the toddler, this mama loves these. Just slice up that sweet potato, add a little salt and pepper and pop into the oven.

4. Apple sauce – Whether bought or purchased this is a traditional favorite for kids all ages.

5. Raisins – Just like apple sauce, a typical favorite for kids.

6. Banana Pops – All you have to do is peel the banana, cut in half, add a popsicle stick and dip the banana in melted dark chocolate. Freeze, and that’s it. Your kiddo can have a delicious frozen treat without the worry of dairy in there.

7. Grapes – These are great as is, or even frozen. Great anytime snack.

8. Apple sauce oatmeal muffins – There are a couple of recipes out there floating around the internet. The apple sauce will replace all the dairy, leaving you with a delicious dairy free muffin the whole family will love.

9. Granola bar – Great alone or you can dress it up for picky eaters with a smear of peanut butter or dairy-free chocolate spread.

10. Pretzel sticks – alone or with hummus dip

11. Oreos – Nuff said!

12. Hard Boiled eggs – These puppies aren’t just good for breakfast, boil one or two for a good healthy snack that will hold them over until dinner.

13. Cheerios – a Good family staple. They can eat it alone, or in a bowl with some almond milk (or milk of choice).

14. Popcorn – Just be sure to get the one with no butter!

15. – Oatmeal – Any type works as long as it is made with water or whatever dairy-free milk of your choice.

Do you have a dairy free kid? Have you made your very own recipe? Have a picture of it? We’d love to hear from you! Message me, and I will feature you and your recipe on one of our posts.


Top 10 tried and tested baby items worth the money


10 Tried and tested baby items that are worth the money.

As if having a baby wasn’t overwhelming enough, especially as a first-time mom, but having to pick the “right” items makes it that much more stressful.

I remember running around my local baby store six months pregnant scanning everything in sight.

I had no idea what was worth buying. While family and friends loved to give me their opinion, the items were all over the board.

Then there was my none stop research and Amazon adventures. I will gladly say, my name is Michelle, and I am an Amazon addict. I mean hello, we have prime, two-day free shipping! Nothing can beat that. Especially pregnant with sciatica, and the summer heat.

While I do not claim to be an expert, I have tried and tested a few different types of the same items from brands, to styles. So after all of these trial and errors, and more money spent than I am willing to admit to my husband, I am confident enough to compile this list. Here are my top ten tried and tested baby items that are worth the money.

*I am not affiliated to any of these items or companies*


1.Infantino Grow with Me Activity Gym + Ball Pit –This is wonderful, and I was so excited when I got it for my baby shower. It has a decent amount of cushion where I felt it safe to lay my baby in there without any additional padding in the bottom. My son loved the bright colors from the animals hanging above. Then once he began to roll over, I lifted the mesh border which helped him stay in there. And once he learned to sit up I turned it into the ball pit setting. It was a great staple in my house until he was about one year old.



2.Diaper Dekor Classic Diaper Disposal System –
I had heard for so long how the Diaper Gene and all other diaper pails were such a waste of money. That once you opened it, the smell wafted into the room and it reeked. Now, these diaper pails I noticed were just a single top with a special liner. Then I ran across the Diaper Dekor. Not only does it have a self-closing lid, but an interior “trap door” which opens only as the diaper is dropped in quickly closing once it passes the opening, actually minimizing the time in which smell can get out. Another thing I liked about it was the fact that you could create the size of your bag. Meaning you could take it out daily and not “waste” any bag space. I love this so much I have purchased it as a baby shower gift three times already!



3.Fisher Price 4-in-1 Rock N Glide Soother-
Oh, the glider, how I love you. This item is fantastic! Not only does it rotate to glide front to back and side to side, but you can take the seat out and make it a rocker. Forget the swing; the glider was our lifesaver!





4.ezpz Happy Mat/Bowl-
While it may be quite a few months before you sit your little one in a high chair to eat this is still something you will want. It sticks to the table or highchair and is a mat and bowl/or plate all in one. Perfect for that “lets toss all our food and plate on the floor” phase.



5.Fisher Price Deluxe Fast Finder Backpack Diaper Bag-
Oh, diaper bags. There are just so many! So many designs and colors, brands and prices. I know I was slightly addicted to buying them in the beginning. I think I totaled four before finally trying out the backpack diaper bag I had purchased for my husband. Well, I LOVED it and never used any other kind again. WHile there are many backpack designs out there this one is my favorite. The individually designed spaces for items makes finding things super easy and convenient. If this isn’t for you and you want something “girly” or “classy” check out leather backpack diaper bags. I can not stress enough how more convenient it is to have the backpack versus the totes.

6.Chicco Lullago Delux Travel Crib-
A go to life saver. If I had to work, I could easily take it to another room. Nowhere near as clunky as a pack n play, and so much lighter. I also used this as his bed in our room until he learned to stand. It is deeper than the average bassinet and longer as well letting you use it for a much more extended period. Not to mention it’s put away quickly and perfect for on the go for any getaway trips.


7.Graco Swift Fold High Chair-

An absolute must have. This highchair folds so easily and takes up almost no room once folded up. Especially ideal for those with little storage space.




8.Aquatopia Bathtime Saftey Kneeler-
This is one of those items I see people say all the time is a waste of money. While you can survive without it, all I will say is your knees will thank you for this.




9.Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Drop Shape Humidifier-
I saw many reviews on this humidifier, some good some bad. My honest take on it is that for the price it is worth it. Easy to take apart and clean, though you may need some cotton swabs to reach a couple of places. It never took me longer than five minutes to clean. I used it daily for months at a time and still works great. Also very quiet, which we all know is a must for a sleeping baby.

10.Halo Sleepsack-
My son was a master at getting out of the blanket swaddle, so when I came across this, I hadto try it. Man was it a game changer. Not only would it keep him swaddled, but it also allowed me to let his arms free and keep his feet in the sack for daytime naps.



BONUS – VTech Super Star Learning Table-
Yes, a bonus. Why, well because I love spoiling my baby and buying him toys. This is one of those grows with them toys. Once he learned to sit, I pulled this bad boy out, left it on the floor without the legs and he loved it. Then once he began trying to stand, I put the legs on and it was sturdy and strong enough for him to pull himself up and stand. Now at 16 months, where he walks and runs he still plays with it. (He loves pretending to drive). SO if you want to invest in a toy, this is one that will be worth the money and more for a long time use.


I hope that you all find this helpful! I know that if I had a list like this from the get go, we would have saved quite a few hundred dollars.

Until next time!