6 ways to increase your breastmilk supply

The moment is here!

Your little baby bundle has arrived, and everything is all sunshine and rainbows. At least I hope that’s the case for most, but if you are a first-time momma wanting to breastfeed the fear of not producing enough milk is real.

I remember being always worried I would dry up even though I had an oversupply issue. The fear of not being able to feed and nourish my baby was real! And while the formula is a fantastic thing, I couldn’t help but feel that if I could not breastfeed, i was a failure as a woman and mother. Of course now looking back I know it is all nonsense, I could have quickly grabbed a formula bottle and fed my baby happily if I needed to, but the fear was there, and it is like that for a lot of moms trying to breastfeed.

To save you all some of the agonies, I went through I decided to share the top # tips on increasing milk supply. We all know its called liquid gold for a reason, so here is what worked for me.

1. Lactation cookies. These little morsels will not only help with the constant gnawing hunger you seem to feel the first few weeks breastfeeding but help increase your supply as well. You can see one of my recipes here.

2. Frequent milk removal. This is key. You want to try to empty your breast as much as possible. This is what signals the body that you need more milk, hence tells it to produce more. So a good pump, some storage bags and before you know it you may even have a good stash going!

3. Mothers Milk Tea. This is another of those nifty things that is great to help improve supply. Please note it does not work for everyone, and on some fenugreek which is a known ingredient to increase milk supply, causes the adverse effect. I personally like this one.

4. Putting the baby at the breast. This is for obvious reasons more efficient than a pump. Not only are babies more effective than a pump, but they remove milk more efficiently too. When trying to increase your milk supply be sure to nurse your little one on demand as much as possible. Try to limit pacifier and bottles if possible and have them use the breast for drinking and soothing.

5. Power pumping. This is done to simulate a growth spurt and kickstart the supply. You want to do small pump sessions in a short period. So you may want to pump for 10 min 3 times in an hour period. Then do this once or twice a day for two or three days.

6. Hands-on help. Many times an issue with supply has to do with how the child removes the milk. You can go here to find a local lactation consultant and many useful resources.

Keep trying. Do not get discouraged, and sometimes our bodies need a little extra help and time. You won’t go from half an ounce to four ounces in a day, so if breastfeeding is something you want to do, keep trying.

If after seeing a Lactation Consultant, and doing everything else you could think of there is still an issue, know that giving a bottle of formula is perfectly fine too.

Everyone has their own journey, some harder than others. When it comes to breastfeeding some need a little bit of extra help, know you are not alone. So keep trying and I hope these tips and tricks help you.



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